The Litigation team can represent you in all business law and employment law cases. Our strength is predicated on the ability of the members of our team to handle multiple matters simultaenously while anticipating legal issues that may arise.  Our objective is not only to determine a solution to your issues, but the solution that will best fit your circumstances. In order to achieve this, we will propose strategies and measures, taking into account your specifics of your situation, concerns and the issues at stake.

As pre-litigation is not only about negotiations, but also planning,  we will first jointly determine the strategy to be adopted throughout the negotiations and then guide you in order to avoid pitfalls, and finally, depending on our level of involvement, defend actively or more passively your interests, until the execution of the final settlement agreement.

Even in the event that a trial cannot be avoided, we will consider the measures that may or should still be taken to increase the odds of success or to mitigate risks.